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A V Subramanyam

Associate professor

  • PhD (2012), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore


Astha Verma

PhD Student, started July 2018

  • Co-supervised by Dr Rajiv Ratn Shah, IIIT Delhi
  • MTech, NIT Delhi

Himanshu Singh

PhD Student, started August 2020

  • BTech(CSE), IP University, Delhi

Rameshwar Mishra

PhD Student, started July 2022

  • BTech, IIIT Delhi

Nilanjana Chatterjee

PhD Student, started January 2023

  • BTech(CSE), MAKAUT, West Bengal

Master Students

Abu Osama Siddiqui

  • Topic:

Bachelor Students

Vibhu Dubey, Niranjan Sundararajan

  • Topic: Text based Person Search

Ansh Arora

  • Thesis: Unsupervised Video representation Learning

Former PhD Students

Monika Jain

Graduated in 2022, Joint PhD with QUT
Thesis: Regularized Ensemble Correlation Filter Tracking

Ambuj Mehrish

Graduated in 2020, Now doing Postdoc at SUTD, Singapore
Thesis: Estimation and Concealment of Forensic Multimedia Signatures

Kajal Kansal

Graduated in 2021, Now doing Postdoc at NUS, Singapore
Thesis: Modality Guided Representation Learning for Person Re-identification

Former MTech Students

Anup Jha

Archit Arora

Dipankar Sarkar

Biman Giri

  • Thesis: Unsupervised Vehicle Synthesis and Re-Identification

Harsh Kumar Jain

  • Thesis: Pose Disentangled Person Re-identification

Sagar Gupta

  • Thesis: Unsupervised Cross Domain Human Image Synthesis for Person Re-identification

Arjun Tyagi

  • Thesis: Channel Regularized Visual Object Tracking

Divya Sitani

  • Thesis: Visual Tracking using Analysis Dictionary Learning

Shobhita Saxena

  • Thesis: Video Inpainting Detection using Inconsistencies in Optical Flow

Shivani Mamodia

  • Thesis: Post Silicon Validation using Regression

Former BTech students

Kunal Saini

  • Thesis: Airborne Visual Tracking and Re-identification

Mohammad Nayeem

  • Thesis: Efficient Surveillance Video Compression using Dictionary Learning

Kunal Sharma and Vipin Chaudhary

  • Thesis: Semi Dense Adversarial LSTM for Unsupervised Video Summarization

Neelabhro Roy

  • Thesis: Metric Learning for Object Recognition

Siddharth Dhawan

  • Thesis: Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for Person Re-identification

Priysha Aggarwal and Kshitiz Jain

  • Thesis: Unsupervised Learning of Low Rank Subspace Projection using Graph Embedding

Harsh Pathak and Shreedhar Govil

  • Thesis: Deepfake Video Detection

Former RAs

Divij Gera

Mohammad Ali Jauhar